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Cup Rules


All entrants must reach The Auld Dubliner & Pour House, located at 62 William St., via the Rideau Canal by means of their own two feet, specifically skating, running and/or walking. Anyone caught accepting a ride of any sort, with the exception of any vehicle operating on the Canal itself, will be disqualified.


Upon arrival at The Auld Dubliner & Pour House, entrants must locate the Victory Quart left in the care of the judges. The first male, female, and boy and girl ten years old or younger to consume the nectar of the Victory Quart, and/or a part of the beverage of his or her choice are thereby declared the winners of the Carleton Cup.


Throughout the evening every runner-up is obligated to purchase a beverage for the winner of their respective category. No substitutions will be permitted. Should any of the winners die before the end of the evening, the outstanding debts still stand. The remaining beverages must be placed on the grave of the deceased within thirty days. If the winner is cremated then a compromise must be reached.


Entrants are to be advised that they are entering the Carleton Cup at their own risk, so please be careful! Each entrant's finishing time is recorded from the beginning of the skating segment to the liquid passing his or her lips. Please note: while we do allow speedskates in the Carleton Cup, using them thereby renders you ineligible to win the race. Finally, anyone who willfully attempts to maim, cripple, or inflict any kind of permanent physical injury on another participant is thereby disqualified from the Carleton Cup for life. Short of that, anything goes. Good luck, punk rock and may the force be with you.

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