First-ever Champion Bob Millar with His Mother Doti After Winning His Third Consecutive Cup, 1992

Sherry Breshears, First-ever Woman Winner, 1991

1992 Champion Jennifer Last

3-time Champion and Pioneer Sarah Brandon

Olivier Matheson, 1993 and 1994 Champion

They Tricked Us!: Kathleen McGill (left) and Susan Homa tied for first place in 1994

Cup Champ Martin Keyserlingk

1995 Champion Terrilynn Ryan En Route to Victory Kim Temple, Carleton Cup Champ 1998

Kim Temple, Carleton Cup Champ 1998

Sean Smith (middle),1998 and 2001 Champion

2002 Champion Tim Dunthorne

2003 Champions Dave Webb and Jana Stephenson

2005 Champions Chris Murphy and Trina Lambe

Perennial Boys Champion Harvey Evers