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Cup Alumni


The Right Honourable Honcho Mr. Dean Hargrave-Pawson Director, President

Dean completed his first Carleton Cup in 1991, and immediately began his meteoric rise to the top. He joined the Carleton Cup Board of Directors as Director and President the following year in 1992, hosting the post Cup party at his own home. He more or less single-handedly organized the Carleton Cups from 1993 - 1996 inclusive, commonly regarded as the "Golden Age", or "Hargrave-Pawson Era" of the race. It was Dean who first suggested that "the Ultimate Canadian Triathlon" join forces with The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, a relationship which has proven to be mutually beneficial to both parties in the subsequent years. An affable fellow, Dean now makes his living in the hospitality industry in scenic Vancouver, and enjoys music, fine wines, indoor golfing and pottery. Favourite Carleton Cup moment: "The highlight for me was accepting my first call from the Prime Minister at the Lafayette. Of course he was calling to congratulate the winners, but it was me who took the call, and it was then that I realized how big this thing could get."


Robert H. Millar Director, Chief Operating Officer, Pioneer

Bob was the winner of the first ever Carleton Cup in 1989, and then began a record streak of three consecutive Cup victories, 1989 - 92 (1990 was a washout) which is unbroken to this day. Regarded as the "Party Whip", Bob is the only person to have completed every single race since its inception. He is a Carleton Cup "Pioneer" a guzillion times over, including first winner, first person to ever portage a canoe through the entire race, first person to simultaneously push his Father and the trophy in an armchair along the length of the Canal (8kms!), etc. (the latter two feats accomplished with his brother and partner-in-crime Scott Millar). Bob has been a key player in the development of the Carleton Cup Web Site, the Carleton Cup Banners, and making sure every runner up buys the winner of their respective gender category a drink (as stated in the Rules and Regulations). Bob makes his living as a marketing manager and enjoys fatherhood, the Habs and gardening at night. Bob claims to dislike accordions, pushy people and "that damn crease rule".


Jonathan G. Knowles Co-Founder, Director, Past President, Pioneer

An Aquarius, Jon was responsible for rallying together those eleven intrepid souls who braved the elements on that snowy night back in February 1989 and thus became the Founding Fathers of the Carleton Cup. A strong advocate of the Carleton Cup "going global", Jon recently completed a 15-month trip that took him to Africa, Turkey and the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. Turn-ons include bathing by candlelight, old-time hockey and children's chalk drawings on the sidewalk. Turn-offs include speed bumps, dead mammals on pizza and "Hollywood blockbusters that portray extra-terrestrial (read: inter-dimensional) beings as jingoistic conquering warlords." [???] Jon considers himself to be "a great dancer", is cautiously optimistic about the future and is presently considering investing in mutual funds. Best finish in the Carleton Cup: 2nd place in 1991 and 1994.


Scott Rondeau, The Grand Poobah, Director, Pioneer

Scott participated in his first Carleton Cup in 1996.Excited to be leaving Toronto the Good that year to head up for the Cup, he twisted his ankle while leaping over a snow bank just as he was leaving for Ottawa, thus squashing his hopes of skating in his first ever Cup. Not to be deterred, Scott bought a case of beer and stood under the Pretoria Bridge on the Canal exclaiming "Got a number? Get a beer!", and handing out liquid refreshments to thirsty skaters as they passed by. This caught on like wildfire, and since that day the area underneath the Pretoria Bridge has become a hotspot, the official halfway point, and an important place to see and be scene. Scott is the Co-Founder of Toronto's Festival of Beer, & Founder of the Toronto Wine & Spirit Festival. He owns an event-marketing firm called “Drink Inc. Events", and in late 2000 Drink Inc. Events officially took over the operation of The Carleton Cup. Scott is an Aquarius whose hobbies include television production, archery and towing friends out of snow banks.


Calle Johannesson, Cup Web Designer, Pioneer

Calle comes from the land that gave us ABBA, IKEA and Börje Salming. He joined the Carleton Cup team as web designer in 2001, and skated in his first Carleton Cup the following year in 2002. A hockey afficionado that recently took up the playing aspect of the game, Calle gained his pioneer status in 2002 for being the first person to complete the Carleton Cup in full hockey gear (wearing a Team Sweden jersey, of course). Calle claims to have taken the many lectures he received that evening to heart, and now is quite diligent about "airing out" his equipment after each and every game. When not sitting in front of a computer, Calle's alter-ego tends to bubble up to the surface and he becomes "Carl Arsenic", musician, musicologist and drummer for Sweden's legendary and still active The Let's Go's. Calle lives, works and plays in Waterloo, Ontario where he makes his living as a -- you guessed it, a web designer. When describing his on-ice persona, Calle states: "I try to emulate Gary Valk -- you know, the 4th-line forward that just skates around and tries not to make any mistakes. But, truth be told, I'd like to become a Domi." Still lamenting Sweden's performance in the 2002 Olympics, Calle says this: "it just amazes me how -- without any real possibility of a top-spin -- a puck that hits a guy's forehead can bounce backwards and into the net. If JFK had been killed by a puck from a dump-in type shot by a Belarussian hockey player, I'd buy into the lone shooter theory for sure. Yet as far as I know there are no Belrussian hockey players presently on the list of suspects." He says we all better look out for Team Sweden in the World Cup tournament in 2004 [We all know how this turned out!].


Jonathon Cliff Co-Founder, Auxiliary Board Member, Pioneer

The idea for the Carleton Cup as we now know it, as well as the name itself first came out of the mouth of Jonathon Cliff. He participated in the first ever Carleton Cup in 1989 and finished 2nd in that race. The Cup's chief conspiracy theorist, Jonathon is the author and strongest proponent of the "Little Oakville Conspiracy" of the Carleton Cup. Jonathon now lives in Toronto where he makes his living as a freelance photographer.


George "Bewlay" Shearer, Pioneer

George is single-handedly responsible for the implemention of both a clause and a rule in the Carleton Cup due to his performance in the first ever race in 1989 [These are "The Bewlay Clause" and the "No Speedskates" rule, the latter which was amended for the 2004 race]. As an eyewitness recounts: "The Cup was supposed to be a pretty laid back affair, but Bewlay showed up to Rooster's that night wearing a body suit and carrying speed skates. It was clear he was pretty much in the bag. Then he got into the scotch at the bar, and, well, by the time the race started he was just sauced. But he put on those speed skates and man, he just flew. By the time Bob, Jonathon and the gang reached Dow's Lake, he was already out of sight. Anyway, as fast as he was, he completely forgot where the Laff was located, and for some reason climbed up the Laurier bridge and spent quite some time walking around the Rideau Centre looking for the bar. He had been way ahead of the pack, but he wasted so much time floundering around inside the Mall that by the time he got to the Laff, Jonathon had also arrived. Man, that guy is nuts. The next Cup, in '91, he put vaseline all over himself to make himself more "wind resistant", and by the end of the race the vaseline had frozen all over his blond hair and beard so when he arrived at the Laff he looked like Zeus incarnate. You know, the Cup has always attracted its share of eccentric characters, guys like Salmon and Elliotson and so on, but they got nothing on Bewlay. He was out there. Man, he was the first."


Adam Elliotson, Pioneer

Adam participated in his first Carleton Cup in 1991. Much feared on the ice for his fierce competitive spirit, not to mention his inability to turn or stop, Adam has finished in the top 3 for three consecutive years, 1998-2000. Adam regrettably had to miss the 2001 Cup as he astrally projected himself down to Costa Rica to study yoga. A study in contrasts, Adam is an enigmatic figure responsible for the recruitment of several of the Carleton Cup's key players. Biggest Cup disappointment: "Well, aside from having Sean Smith beat me in 2000, my biggest disappointment was trying start a Conga line with Jonny Knowles at the after party that year. We circled the room three or four times, and I thought we looked pretty sexy, but no one would join in. It was awful. I felt like an asshole."


Scott Millar, Pioneer

Scott was the first person ever to portage a canoe through the Carleton Cup in 1995, as well as the first person to simultaneously push his Father and the trophy itself down the entire length of the Canal on a armchair/sled the following year (both feats accomplished with younger brother Bob). Scott is a long time veteran having worked tirelessly on the Carleton Cup over the years. Scott became a Pioneer again in 1999 as the first person to wear shorts in the Carleton Cup. He skated two thirds of the length of the Canal before his knees locked due to the cold and he was forced to change into long pants. He lives in Waterdown, Ontario, with his lovely wife Sue, daughter Taryn and their dog Kokoko.


Sarah Brandon, Three-time Champion, Pioneer

Sarah won the Carleton Cup for two consecutive years, 1996 and 1997. The following year she gained her Pioneer status for being the first person to ever complete the Carleton Cup while pregnant. She made a stunning comeback in 2001, capturing her third Cup championship that year. Sarah lives in Ottawa with Cup veteran Mike Forward.


Steven Doyle aka "Salmon" or "Salmon Paw", Token Wing-Nut

A slippery fellow, very little biographical information actually exists on Salmon as he has a tendency to exaggerate and/or tell fictitious details about himself. If anyone has any concrete information on this guy that they can prove, please contact us at Cup Headquarters.



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